Let me introduce you to Link, one of the products I made recently. It combines cutting edge software and embedded hardware in a tiny package. Think of it as your offline cloud.

All files, data, photos, videos, code that you have on your computer, phone or other device instantly stores on Link and is accessible by all of your devices instantly, without the need for copy/paste, wires or any actions.

Link is a tiny, durable SSD storage platform with offline streaming capabilities. Revolutionizing the way we store and access digital content.

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Send & receive to multiple devices without an internet connection.

Link uses our custom built transport layer – ARCH – to stream content between multiple devices at once. Hardware speaking to hardware.

Unlike similar devices, Link doesn’t need an Internet connection to work.

Put simply, any device that is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled can be used with Link. You can pair it with your device of choice and continue to use it completely offline.

Access & play your media on anything, anywhere, regardless of platform or connectivity.

Link isn’t bound by platform or your environment.

Access all of your files on Link on any device via a web browser or Link’s native app.

Designed to be compact, light and durable, Link can travel with you everywhere.

Access all of your files via a web browser, or Link’s native app – from any device.

Ready for your next adventure

Link is waterproof up to 45 feet.

Link is completely shock resistant, and reliable. With an IP 69K rating, Link is the toughest SSD storage platform there is.

Visit the Link website for more info

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