I develop software and hardware systems in a huge variety of areas

Let me introduce you to my blog

For those of you who already know me, you probably know I have a YouTube channel.

That has generated a lot of interest and I get a lot of questions :question:, comments and requests now. Some things are small, simple and really don't warrant a full video being made.

In order to answer those smaller questions, as well as to post any small hint, tip or cool software thing I am doing on that particular day I figured a simple small blog would be a good place for it.

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Knowledge is power

Although my time is limited I'm always free to help. I try to get on forums to answer questions, and get many emails daily to help in all areas of computer programming and hardware, whether it be in software, web, hardware or embedded. If you are stuck on anything I love helping out. Feel free to email me.

I have started producing training videos for programming (with ones on hardware design, soldering and anything else I get the time for to follow). Check out my YouTube for the free videos.

Hiring Me

I am always very busy with my own companies, if you have some software or hardware requirements you cannot fulfil I may be able to find time to take on contracted work. Each project will be taken on it's own merits and pricing and timescale can be worked out on an individual basis.

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The automation tool for SolidWorks

When you have repetitive design tasks or variations of products BatchProcess is the tool for you. Automate the tasks of exporting an entire assembly of parts and drawings, mass converting between file formats, printing, and running custom macros.

Visit BatchProcess for more information and tutorials.

You can download a free 50 day trial and start trying out BatchProcess for free.

Community Contributions

As well as contacting me directly, you may find me helping out on public forums such as the SolidWorks API forums. If you would like to recommend certain forums or sites you feel I would be able to help, let me know and I'll check it out.

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