I create automation software, macros
and add-ins for SolidWorks

Macros and Standalone Tools

During my time using SolidWorks over the years I made a bunch of useful macros and tools. I bundled them all into a single file

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To make creating SolidWorks add-ins and programs I made an open-source project called SolidDNA that allows fast and easy creation of add-ins using the SolidDNA API instead of the SolidWorks API

The SolidDNA API is much cleaner, modern and handles all of the messy COM objects for you so you can focus on writing your application

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The automation tool for SolidWorks

When you have repetitive design tasks or variations of products, BatchProcess is the tool for you.

Automate the tasks of exporting an entire assembly of parts and drawings, mass converting between file formats, printing, and running custom macros.


Automatic printing of multiple files with setup and filtering

Instant Custom Property Manager for instantly editing custom properties on single/multiple files

Saving/Exporting files in over 28 native formats including DXF, DWG, IGES, Step, Parasolid, and eDrawings®

Updating Drawing Templates for single/multiple files

Assembly tools for pack & go, hiding/showing & suppressing/resolving components, and more


Saves 1000's of man hours per annum

Removes the need for any repetitive tasks

Reliability of a computer doing repetitive tasks reduces chance of errors

Provides enhanced features compared to the standard Custom Property Manager

Product is always developing from customer feedback due to dedicated development team

What can BatchProcess do for me?

The best way to learn BatchProcess is to download and install it, then open up SolidWorks and start experimenting.

You can also check out the tutorial and getting started guide.

OK, I want it!

Great! You made the right decision. BatchProcess will quickly save you days and weeks of man-hours and be a super quick ROI.

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